Pay Per Use

Simply pay the initial joining fee of £395 and let the rest take care of itself. With no maintenance costs or yearly fees, you only pay for the time you actually spend enjoying your holiday. Not having to pay an excess of extra costs means that you get to save money and perhaps put it to better use in yet another holiday with us.

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Multi-Usage for Home Resort

Not only can you choose from the variety of different units available in our two properties in Malta, but you can also use these two home resorts in the village of Mellieħa as often as you wish - be it for a quiet weekend getaway or for a longer family holiday, including your whole family in whichever choice you make.

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Discover our properties in Malta

Our four star Maltese resorts, situated in the quiet seaside village of Mellieha, are the Pergola Hotel and Spa and the Solana Hotel and Spa. With a wide range of rooms and self-catering apartments to choose from, as well as great quality dining and some great leisure facilities like indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centres, a diving centre and spas, our two properties will keep you coming back for more.

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Flexible Changeover Dates

The beauty of this scheme is that it does not limit you to a specific schedule or set of dates, nor does it put a cap on the number of days you choose to spend on holiday, when travelling to the Pergola Hotel & Spa or the Solana Hotel & Spa.

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Travel Around the World

Experience different countries and cultures and stay at thousands of resorts across the globe, thanks to our membership scheme - which does not limit you to a single destination.

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