If you choose to use the Endless Holidays scheme to go beyond Maltese shores, you have access to all availability. This means that any previous timeshare owners would still have access to their original privileges while having new opportunities, new destinations and new hotels available.

As a five-year contract, the concept is “endless” because it does not limit you in terms of frequency and time of use. Nor are you limited to visiting only one particular place. In other words, there is absolutely no limit to the number of holidays or destinations you can take over this five year period. As a subscriber, you can use it to access any of the international partners we keep adding every day and you are able to transfer it to immediate family at and administration fee of £50 for each additional transfer.

The freedom which Endless Holidays affords is that you can take advantage of airline offers while knowing that your accommodation will be top quality. This gives you the peace of mind that whenever and wherever you choose to visit, you’ll know you’ll get the best deal possible. And this is precisely the kind of freedom which will make your holiday experience unforgettable.

Take all kinds of holidays from short city breaks to soak up the sites and culture, to longer de-stressing, relaxing holidays as well as fun filled active holidays with your friends and family. Worldwide hotels and destinations will be available offline through our telephone lines on +356 21523912 or email

Since Endless Holidays depends on third party suppliers to source accommodation around the world, availability is subject to demand and remains on a first come first served basis (excluding all taxes and fees). Have the world at your disposal for an affordable price and choose from thousands of resorts across the globe. This is unrestricted freedom.

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